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  • Introduction: 
    Mr. Mishkin Bolbolan is the founder and General Manager of the company, who has been active in the Dubai Real Estate Market since 2008. After having experience with different developers and real estate land transaction, the formation of Anqa Real Estate Brokers L.L.C took place in 2013 under the RERA Registration number 12653.

    Since then the company has mostly been active in off-plan sales, completed property resale and rental market. In 2016 the company has focused on Off-Plan and so far has closed plot deals with Meraas, Dubai Properties and Sobha Developers of over 24,000,000/- Dirhams.

    Anqa Real Estate Brokers LLC has tabbed in the Villa Rental market as registered brokers for “Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority”, “Dubai Properties” and “Meraas” since September 2016 and till now we have been one of the Top Five brokerage companies for rental registered with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.

    Our Sales team consisting of Five personals and we work on both Sales and Rental, we are planning to expand up to 15 till the mid of 2018. 

    Our Vision:
    We want to be one of the most trusted property investment consultants in Dubai and by 2018 spread to other GCC and Middle Eastern countries, eventually to other parts of the world where the investors could be diverted to the Middle East market or vice versa.

    Our Mission:
    To give quality service to our clients in terms of accurate information and timely conclusion,

    Our value:
    Precession, timely and accuracy are the main pillars that the company emphasizes on.

    Strategy and Economic intent:
    Being a very young company our strategy emphasizes on Direct Interaction with Investors and closing deals on regular basis, more into quality than quantity as that’s what the market is lacking at the moment. Our economic intent is directly proportional to the growth of Dubai and the UAE, Which seem to flourish more by the year 2020.

    Business Concept:
    We are a brokerage company with one simple mindset i.e getting the buyer what he wants at the right time. Mixing and matching of buyers and sellers give us an advantage of closing multiple deals even if of smaller packet size. 

    Most of our clients are Middle Eastern and referred to us through word of mouth.

    Marketing Strategy:
    Most of our marketing is done via print media in neighboring countries, where the interested clients revert back to us on our offers. We have set an online marketing budget of over 200,000 Dirhams for 2017 only for web portals which generate maximum leads.


    What does ANQA Mean?
    The Word ANQA means Phoenix. This Bird is known for its Mystical Healing Powers and strength, also known as the Fire Bird.
    The revival of the Dubai Real Estate Market has been our concept behind the name. Dubai has reappeared from the ashes and now is a booming real estate market in the Middle East and around the world.
    We take Dubai Real Estate as ANQA (Phoenix), "Re-born from Ashes" "Mystical Powers" "Healing the country's economy". Now open to all the investors who have interest in Dubai.

    Thank You for visiting our site, if any further questions or comments, kindly feel free to contact us.